Extending the collection to the end of January

Because of the astonishing success of the Let’s help the Library! collection in the end of the 2017, we decided to extend the collection to the end of the January 2018.

We managed to collect nearly 35 000 CZK in only last ten days of December. Sum of the donations on Monday January 1st was 190 568 CZK. 

You can still help the war-devastated Central Library of the University of Mosul by donation in money boxes or cashless using payment card or a wire transfer. 

Let’s Help the Library! fundraiser collection will be completely finished on Wednesday, January 31st. Collected money will be then handed over to the representatives of the University of Mosul, with the assistance of People in Need organization.

Let’s Help the Library! team, employees of The Library of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University and People in Need